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Web Hosting

About Our Hosting

We are just a small web hosting company providing web hosting mostly to clients but sometimes someone comes along who simply just needs web hosting. We have opened up our servers to others who need web hosting and we promise you that you will not find better hosting anywhere else.

Since we are small we don’t overload our servers with websites, we purchase the best hardware and services to make sure your website runs super fast. Your hosting is managed by just one person here at Delaware Web Hosting who has intimate knowledge about your website and will be able to assist you whenever a problem may ever come up and you need assistance.

Technical Support

When it comes to technical support there is only me. My name is Gerry and I’ll be your technical support contact. My phone number is (302) 613-4638 or you can contact me via email at [email protected] and I’ll quickly help you solve whatever issues you might be having with the website. But pretty much, I doubt you’ll have any issues. It’s very rare and this support job is rather boring because nobody seems to ever needs support. I may sometimes deal with a customer who’s having trouble setting up their email on their computer but that’s about it.


One Year Of Web Hosting
$150/ YR
  • 32 Core Hosting Environment
  • 8GB RAM (Memory)
  • Solid State Drives
  • We Currently Host About 20 Sites
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What Do I Get With My Hosting

You’ll get good quality service. That’s what you’ll get. We don’t really place limits on customers accounts. I log into the server ever day and assess each hosting customers needs. If they need a little more bandwidth then I’ll issue it to make sure their site stay operating normally. If there’s a problem with your site and my provider notifies me of a problem I will log into your account to solve the issue that my provider is asking me to solve. When you first create your account you’ll be able to host one domain name. If you want to be able to host more domain names just let me know and I’ll be happy to set that up for you. This server is shared by a very small group of people and we all pitch in on the maintenance costs of this server.


I really don’t like to bill people. I hate asking for money but you know, sometimes I gotta do it. I charge every person who uses the server $150.00 each year. Once we get more people on the server I’ll use the extra money which our group paid into the maintenance and upgrade our server even further. Our server has a 32 core processor and TONS of RAM. It’s way more than enough for our needs and we’ll keep it that way. But being hosted on our server comes with responsibility. I’ll send you an invoice a month before the hosting is due and I’ll send regular reminders both 14 days before the invoice is due, and 7 days before the invoice is due. If funds are tight don’t worry. Atleast let me know funds are tight so we can make arrangements to keep your site online and be fair with the rest of the people being hosted on our server.

Hosting Account Creation

The creation of hosting accounts are automated. The moment you have paid for the service to start you’ll receive email instructions on how to access your account. I don’t need to manually setup each account for everyone, that would be troublesome and you know I like to sleep sometimes too. We do understand the need for instant gratification though so account setup is fully automated and if you order now you’ll be able to completely setup your account while I’m happily dreaming in my bed.

Domain Registration

We currently don’t offer domain registration. I know, there’s an option in the order form to allow you to order domains but trust me, it doesn’t work. This is free software I’m using here and I’m trying to stay conservative on the costs for everyone. If you want a domain name you’ll have to register it somewhere else. I recommend looking up those dollar domains and registering one. If you need help pointing your domain I’ll be happy to help, just email me with your login credentials and I’ll sort it all out for you and setup all your DNS records for you.

Any Questions

If you have any questions about the hosting please email me and ask, my email is [email protected]. I will answer whatever questions you might have very promptly.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your interest in having your website(s) hosted here at Delaware Web Hosting. We look forward to doing business with you and happy that you chose us. Thank you.