Will The Real Yeshua (Jesus) Please Come Forward Book Cover


Project Description

Will The Real Yeshua Please Stand Up book cover design was designed by Delaware Web Hosting for author Kevin Russ. Kevin Russ is a pastor at R4 Ministries which is based in Jersey City, New Jersey and is a progressive urban ministry which assists persons of faith in re-discovering, re-developing, re-defining, and re-positioning themselves in relationship with God.

With this project Delaware Web Hosting provided pastor Kevin Russ with a book cover designed using the Adobe Photoshop graphic design software. This project was designed and then placed onto an Amazon CreateSpace template which the client requested so that they could immediately go to print when their project was completed.

If you are an author and plan on having your book cover professionally printed thru Amazon’s CreateSpace then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your book cover project with you and give you prices on what it will cost to get your book cover professionally designed.

Book cover design normally has a turnaround of between 2-3 days for the first draft. After the first draft is presented to the client you will have the ability to make revisions to that design before it goes to print. Revisions normally take 24 hours to complete. Please allot atleast a week for your book cover design project to be completed.

Project Details

  • Client:Kevin Russ
  • Website:http://www.kruss-inc.com/
  • Software Used:Adobe Photoshop
  • Turnaround Time:7 Days
  • Date:February 19, 2019
  • Tags:book cover , book cover design
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