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Product Label Design for Philippines First

Product Label Design for Philippines First

This happens to be our first product label design that we did. You all know how first time projects work, we didn’t get paid for this one. It’s all good though and did pretty well for our first shot at it. This label was created for a friend of ours. He’s a college student who needed a quick design done for his school work.

The project required our friend to create a sellable product for his assignment. Our friend asked if we could create the label for them. He provided us with all the images he wanted to incorporate into the product label design. He also provided the general idea that he wanted for the design. Delaware Web Hosting really enjoyed helping our friend out with this project. We also learned a lot at the same time about what goes into creating product labels.

We created this label using Adobe Photoshop and it took us only a few hours to come up with the design and get the label looking good enough to use on his assignment. Product labels are an important part of doing business if you’re going to sell actual products to the public. It’s the first thing consumers see when your product is sitting on the shelf.

If you are a business looking to have a product label designed for your product then consider having us here at Delaware Web Hosting design it for you. We would love to be able to share out knowledge in creating labels and help you make one which perfectly reflects the product which you’ll be selling to the public.

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