Mastermind Weightloss DVD Cover & Book


Project Description

The Mastermind Weightloss DVD Cover and book companion was created by us for Lisa Arbuckle to promote her new Mastermind Program. With this DVD design we put together everything from the cover of the DVD case all the way to designing each of the different color labels of the 6 DVD’s which come with the set, we even added in a book to go along with it..

If your a business or organization and your looking to have your own DVD Cover design created then you have come to the right place. For these types of projects the turnaround time is around 3-7 days depending on the complexity of your project. If you are seeking more than one DVD in your design then turnaround times can increase since there is additional work which needs to be completed. Once the first draft has been completed you will be provided it and given the opportunity to have revisions made to your design to get your project to a perfect completion.

This DVD cover design with book was created using the Adobe Photoshop graphic design software and was placed on print templates which were provided by the client so that their project could be quickly and easily printed by their selected manufacturer. If you have any questions about having a DVD cover designed, feel free to drop us an email using our contact page or give us a phone call and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your project and it’s prices with you.

Project Details

  • Date:February 20, 2019
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