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Logo Design for Medical Marijuana Institute Of Technology

Medical Marijuana Institute of Technology Logo Design

Are you looking for a logo design for medical marijuana companies. If so we can help you out with this. Here’s an example of a logo Delaware Web Hosting created for a guy once who created a website called the Medical Marijuana Institute of Technology.

He ended up never using the logo but we really loved it. We thought we would share it inside our portfolio for you to see. The client created a website and provide courses for those looking to work in the medical marijuana industry. He created it so they could learn the industry and become professionals to run their own businesses.

We have worked with many medical marijuana companies across the United States on a wide range of things. Logo design for medical marijuana is one of our forte’s, were very proud of the work which we have done.

The logo is the first thing they see when doing business either in person on or the internet. It can make or break a sale. If a logo looks terrible they may think that you’re an amateur and not really serious about your business. If your logo looks great they will feel that you are serious and want to do business with you.

Differences Between Logos

Logo design ranges anywhere from a simple logo created with Photoshop up to a professional logo made with Illustrator. We tend to recommend to clients that they pursue the Illustrator designed logo but not many businesses can afford it and sometimes want to start out with something simple just to get them started.

The difference between the logo designs is one is called a raster and the other is called a vector. With a raster logo design when you blow it up or increase it’s size it tends to blur, with illustrator logo’s this doesn’t happen and you can increase it’s size as much as you like and it’ll always maintain it’s clarity.

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