Logo Design For Chesapeake Financial Services

Chesapeake Financial Services Logo

Project Description

Logo’s are important and the first thing that everyone see’s. These logo’s are what your customers and potential customers see when doing business either in person or on the web. Here is a logo design that we created for an accounting professional who runs a business called Chesapeake Financial Services which does accounting services for clients across Southeastern Chester County in Pennsylvania, Cecil County in Maryland and Northern Delaware.

If you’ve ever been to the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland you’ll know one thing that always stands out. The Chesapeake is all about the blue crab. So Jamie wanted us to use the blue crab with her logo design for Chesapeake Financial Services. The logo has undergone several changes over the years. It has gotten much better over the years.

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We can design your business a logo with a turnaround time on average between one day to a week. It all depends on the type of logo that you’re looking for. Some businesses want to start out with a simple photoshop logo. Other businesses want to go all out and have a logo made in Adobe Illustrator. Either one we can design for you.

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Project Details

  • Date:February 21, 2019
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