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Project Description

This WordPress website design was done for Jacques Johnson who is the official spokesperson for MEZE headphones. MEZE headphones is a manufacturer of headphones which uses real ebony wood enclosures for their headphones and their prices range in between $150.00 to $310.00 per pair. MEZE designs headphones for the ultimate audiophile enthusiasts they offer a warm and natural sound due to its construction and wood housing. Each pair uses noise canceling technology and are padded to provide prolonged enjoyment of each pair.

MEZE headphones embody the classical values of clarity, balance and harmony. This is not a trend and it’s not intended to last for just a season. These are timeless, classic devices to fall in love with. MEZE achieves this standard by combining high-end technology and style with quality materials and good craftsmanship. To all this they add the most important thing: their passion for perfect sound.

MEZE headphones have been featured on Fox New’s Fox and Friend’s and have received many rave reviews from people all across the web.

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  • Date:February 20, 2019
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