Album Covers for Record Label Game Tite Records

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Project Description

Over the years we have designed a lot of album covers for record label and Houston Texas based company Game Tite Records. Above all there are literally dozens of projects which we have done for them thruout the years. It’s CEO Mazarati Byrd is a proven music industry leader. He has a solid understanding of how the music industry works. Byrd get’s music artists heard and as a result played across the United States.

Game Tite Records is a company which promotes music artists across the United States also getting their clients music played on the major radio stations in addition to assisting music artists in pushing their music into the many different means of music promotion such as iTunes, Spotify and many others.

Mazarati Byrd provides a valuable service to many. Byrd helps music artists from all over get heard by the public. He also provides each artist with reports on how well their music is doing in different markets around the country.

If you are a music artist or record label in need of graphic design services to create album covers you can’t go wrong with choosing us here at Delaware Web Hosting to create them for you. We have created countless album covers for record labels from all over.

One panel album covers used to promote exclusively online cost as little as $30.00. All depends on the complexity of the design. For larger projects which require printing and manufacting of CD’s for instance our rate is normally $30-50 per panel. We can help you with the process of submitting your design to DiscMakers and other major manufacturers.

Project Details

  • Date:February 20, 2019
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