644 Madison Apartments Flyer


Project Description

The 644 Madison Real Estate Flyer Design was created in order to help 644 Madison Real Estate better promote the units which they had available for rent at their facilities. The examples pictured above were only created as templates for the real estate company so that they could later edit the content to be more specific for each unit which they had to offer.

This flyer design was created using the Adobe Photoshop graphic design software and took about only a few hours to complete all three designs for the client. If you yourself are thinking about getting flyers created to help promote your real estate properties we can offer you flyers like these. As for a turnaround on this type of project we can provide you with 24 hour turnaround on flyer projects and offer unlimited revisions to your project until you feel that it’s perfect for your needs.

Project Details

  • Date:February 19, 2019
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