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Hello everyone, I wanted to talk to you today about how to automate your social media. I was browsing around on the internet looking for a way to keep up with all my social media accounts. I wanted to be able to drive traffic to my website. Eventually I came across this one company which I really liked a lot. Their name is Postfity. A lot of the other social media automation tools were either too buggy or didn’t work right. I was really impressed with Postify, everything worked perfectly.

With Hootsuite it didn’t allow me to customize how the social media post looked on each of the social networks. It also really lacked the (UTM) Google Analytics capabilities I was looking for. With Postify it has an image editor where I can customize how each post looks on each of the social networks. I’m also able to automated the entire UTM tagging that social media marketers use to keep track of their campaigns on Google Analytics. I was really impressed right out of the door. Every post I did with it went to my social media networks perfectly and they all looked perfect.

Where You Can Post

The social media networks which I’m able to post from Postfity include Facebook and Facebook Pages. I can manage all my Instagram posts from it with ease and being a graphic designer, that is a must. The only drawback is I needed to download the Postfity app on my phone. This was no biggie and it sent me reminders whenever I needed to post to Instagram. It also put all those images I uploaded from my computer onto my phone so I had them all right there in order to make the post. I’m able to keep all my Twitter accounts updated, LinkedIn as well as even Pinterest which is amazing for a graphic designer. I was really impressed by all of it.

They Have A Chrome Application

Another great feature that it has is the ability to do my posts without ever having to go to their website. They have this Chrome application which I installed on my computer and it allows me to do a post really fast and schedule it to be posted later to my social networks. It’s a really great service and I recommend it to everyone. The other services don’t even come even close.

How Much Does It Cost

Not much at all actually. The costs are very reasonable. On the free account I was able to post to 5 different social networks and they give me a small number of scheduled posts which I can set. This wasn’t really doing me any good though. I needed to do my posts far in advance so I can do my other work and not be doing social media all the time. So I ended up signing up. Their basic plan gives you 15 social networks and 100 posts which was good enough for me. They have other plans which are more expensive but they really didn’t serve my needs at this time. Maybe in the future if I get into social media marketing but currently that’s not a very big part of my business.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a way to automate your social media posts. You can’t go wrong with Postify and it’s very affordable to almost everyone. I really enjoy their service and thought I would share it with you.

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