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For those who have been hosted by us for a while under the brand name of Radial Design Group we appreciate all the years of business you have provided to us and we are happy to introduce to you Delaware Web Hosting and it’s new website.

Over time we will discontinue the use of our old website at Radial Design Group and will build and expand onto this new website and domain which we have purchased. As an added bonus we have migrated all customers from our previous server which only had 2 Processors and 2GB of RAM over to our brand new, super fast server which has use of 32 Processors and 8GB of RAM. This upgrade wouldn’t have been able to happen without you and thank you for the opportunity you have given us to be able to serve you.

Once our old portfolio is transferred over to the new website we will shut down Radial Design Group and forward all traffic to it’s domain name to this website here. As the incoming emails wind down on the old domain name we’ll eventually let the domain name expire. So if you are a long time customer please update your URL’s and email addresses so you don’t lose contact with us and we’ll be sure to contact every one of you via email to let you know of the transition that took place.

Once again thank you for all your continued business and we hope to serve you for many years to come.